I’ve worked with a variety of physical therapists and trainers to help rehab and recondition my muscles and bones from many surgeries and injuries over the years. Before I decided to train with Bridget, I watched all the trainers while they worked with their clients. I chose Bridget because she can spot when even your big toe is out of position (from afar like an eagle). Bridget always has a client. She is busy all the time. She also instructs a stretching class I take. The class is always full. Bridget’s knowledge of the body is unsurpassed by any other. She is my shaman. I came to Bridget with all my different problems, both physical and mental. By mental, I mean I was never a gym guy. After my open heart surgery for a mechanical aortic valve replacement, I went for hypnosis to persuade me to go to the gym. (It did not work.) However, from my training sessions with Bridget, I’m in much better shape today than I was one year ago. She is the ultimate specialist.