I began training with Jodi several years ago. She is a respectful, thoughtful, and knowledgeable trainer with a true passion for training. During my time with Jodi, I have improved my balance and incorporated strength training into a fitness routine previously only focused on cardio. Jodi has shown me the value of strength and interval training to help maintain and facilitate weight loss. I credit my training with her to the improvement found in all three of my bone-density regions. This included moving from osteopenia to normal status in one region. In my fitness programs, she also has identified and targeted specific areas of weakness that contribute to my balance issues and hip and knee pain.

Jodi is the perfect combination of tough and warm. She provides the right amount of motivation to challenge me to go beyond what I think I can do.

I also am impressed with Jodi’s motivation to continue improving her own training knowledge and skills. I know every step I take under Jodi’s guidance will continue to improve my quality-of-life.



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