Experience our 3D CYCLE PROGRAM!

SPiVi Fever is here!

Weekly Schedule

Monday, 9:15am – Megan V.
Thursday, 7:00pm – Danielle M.
Saturday, 8:00am – Marla R.
Sunday, 8:00am – Jen R.

Connect and Power Up Your Ride with Spivi

1. Create an Account

  • Visit www.spivi.comhttps://www.spivi.com/spivi-cgi/spivinet_login.cgi
  • Select Log-In and follow the prompts to “sign-up”
  • Create your user profile. You can enter your specific statistics for more accurate data collection during your ride. NOTE: You have the option to select which stats you want visible by editing your privacy options
  • Optional: Add the Spivi website to the Home Page of your phone, ordownload the Spivi app: Spivi at the App Store

2. During Class

  • Go to the Spivi site or launch the Spivi App from your phone
  • Select Log-In to a Spivi class
  • Select your area: Freehold
  • Select your club: CentraState Fitness & Wellness
  • You will be prompted to enter your bike number

NOTE: You will only be able to choose a class if there is an active class at that time. Wait for the instructor to get the system up and running. This allows your stats to be tracked by Spivi

Enjoy Your Ride!

Intense Interval Wednesdays

This calorie-torching class combines the Interval Energy Zone with the intensity of raceday. We train the body to recover quickly after being physically challenged (whether by terrain, speed, or intensity). This class challenges all three, helping you ride to new limits.

• Perceived exertionlevel: 8-10
• MHR: 90%
• RPMS: 60-110
• Estimated calories burned: 500+

Wednesdays, 9:00am – Cycle Studio



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