CentraState Fitness & Wellness Center’s Cardiac Wellness Program

Returning to exercise or any activity after a cardiac event can be daunting.

CentraState Fitness & Wellness Center, located on the hospital campus, provides a smooth continuation of your cardiac rehabilitation journey with a supervised, progressive exercise plan without EKG monitoring. This option is ideal for those who have completed rehabilitation or are considered ineligible for a telemetry monitored program due to criteria established by their insurance company.

True Integration

The Cardiac Wellness program is carefully vetted and collaborated with the providers from CentraState Healthcare System and offers a safe, supportive environment with the guidance of a certified Personal Trainer.

Wellness Program Coordinator, Linda Ortiz shares, “Our Programs seamlessly transition individuals from the hospital/cardiac rehab or physical therapy environment to a fitness and wellness experience that evolves with their needs and progress.” She notes, “Participants thrive from the peace of mind offered in this professionally guided setting. With compassion and encouragement, they are held accountable to accomplish realistic goals and feel their best.”

Making Changes Happen

Bob was a public school educator for over 57 years and just retired this past year as the Assistant Superintendent of Princeton Public Schools. Five days after retiring, he had two stents implanted and started CentraState’s Cardiac Rehab. After graduating from Cardiac Rehab on a Monday, he joined the Center’s Cardiac Wellness Program that Thursday and continued his wellness journey, seamlessly.

Since starting his wellness journey at 202 pounds, Bob now weighs less than 170 pounds. Bob shared: “The program has given me motivation and helped me commit to taking care of myself. Since joining the Cardiac Wellness Program, I have changed my diet and lifestyle. Now I walk a lot at home in addition to all the working out I do at the Center. I feel energized and fantastic. It has been a wonderful experience.”

Bob further went on to say: “I would not have done this on my own, if I didn’t know someone was watching me. Being in the program and coming to the Center was essential to my success. We joke around with the trainers and I made friends in the program. It is not just your physical wellness; it’s your social wellness as well.”

Since being in the program, Bob’s cardiologist has taken him off one of his heart medications and lowered the dosage of another. Similarly, Bob’s primary care physician was thrilled with his weight loss. The physician took Bob off one of his diabetes medications and lowered the dosage of another medication.

Bob exclaimed: “I would absolutely recommend this program. I feel much more energized. If I knew I would have felt this way, I might have worked another ten years.”

Here For You

CentraState Fitness & Wellness Center offers a wide variety of Wellness Programs to help you establish a safe and effective routine. To learn more visit: https://centrastatefitness.com/wellness-programs/


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