Jeanine Palmieri

Jeanine PalmieriWith an Associate in Applied Science degree in equine science from Cazenovia College in New York, Jeanine shares a unique experience with members. For several years, she helped develop thoroughbred and standard-bred athletes. She has extensive fitness experience, which includes personal training certification through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.

Jeanine’s training sessions focus on form, and incorporate balance and stability techniques. She makes exercise fun by creating training programs that are customized and personally challenging to each client. She helps her clients evolve workouts by setting attainable goals and advancing them as they progress. Jeanine motivates with the philosophy that results should be celebrated.

What Jeanine’s Clients Say:

Jeanine is intensely interested in all those she trains. She spends time planning in advance. She is very knowledgeable about the right weight, equipment, and exercises for her clients on any given day. Jeanine is patient. She gently urges her clients to go a little further and do a little more. Throughout, she assures them she recognizes their limitations and keeps safely within them. Working with Jeanine, I achieved better balance, improved posture, easier movements, and an increased sense of well-being. Most importantly, Jeanine has helped me want to achieve more while appreciating the abilities I already have.

Jeanine has introduced me to many different pieces of exercise equipment and a variety of exercises. She has made me see it’s fun to work out! Jeanine is a terrific motivator.

-Muriel Smith

Jeanine is always encouraging and upbeat. She keeps the workouts varied and interesting. The sessions are challenging without being overtaxing. My family is supportive of my fitness program. My sons bought the boxing gloves and mitts we use. I’ve been working with Jeanine twice a week for well over a year. She’s terrific!

-Barbara Smith

Jeanine is patient and encouraging. She knows how to create appropriate training sessions. She varies them enough to keep me interested and motivated. She explains as she trains, so I always am learning about my body mechanics. I find myself applying what she teaches, even when I’m not at the Center. The benefits of working out with Jeanine are both aesthetic and functional. She helps me feel attractive and strong. My confidence is elevated, thanks to Jeanine!

-Judy Schwartz

I am a work in progress. Jeanine does her best to keep me motivated. She really cares about her clients. While I was out sick, she always texted me to see how I was doing. She even encourages me to eat properly. When I feel like going off my plan, I hear her voice motivating me to do the right thing. Jeanine is a great trainer, and a credit to the Center.

-Frank Ciarkowski

Jeanine always motivates me to do my reps. She has a great deal of patience and understanding regarding my many physical limitations. When I had my knees replaced, Jeanine helped me strengthen my core so I was able to get out of bed and stand. I was out of rehabilitation after only three days thanks to her training. I will continue to work with her to strengthen the muscles around my new knees. I will forever be grateful to Jeanine for all her help and support. She is an excellent trainer.

-Nancy Anderson

Jeanine is inspiring, positive, and patient. I always was intimidated at gyms, but she helped me overcome that feeling. When I leave one of Jeanine’s training sessions, I feel a sense of accomplishment. I walk taller and am more confident. I always look forward to coming to the Center to train with Jeanine!

-Debbi Lambert

I look forward to my twice weekly training sessions with Jeanine. They make me feel much better so I signed up for another series of session with her. Patience must be her primary virtue! Coupled with her knowledge and unique way of learning each client’s needs, she creates a program that simply makes you feel good. You improve your health and fitness, and are mentally stimulated. Exercise is for the mind and body!

-M. Smith

I came to Jeanine after a nurse evaluation reported my numbers were dropping instead of improving. I needed a change in my fitness routine. Working with Jeanine helped me better use the exercise equipment to improve my overall health and lean body mass. She is very supportive. She spends extra time evolving my workout routine to continue achieving better health. Jeanine is positive thinking and enthusiastic. It is great to work with her.

-Sandra Mark

When I met Jeanine I was suffering from chronic upper back pain with numbness and tingling down my left arm. Physicians recommended an invasive series of steroid injections in my back. Jeanine worked with me to increase muscle strength in my upper back. Within a few weeks, the pain lessened. Within a few months, it totally went away. This was pain I suffered for years. In addition, I can do more physically now at age 58 than I could in my 20s. Jeanine is the best.

-Melanie Baccoli

Jeanine has been instrumental in helping me get in shape. I appreciate the way she customized my personal training sessions to accommodate my unique physical needs. In addition to her expertise in personal training, she understands nutritional science. She has recommended healthy recipes that have successfully helped reduce, and sometimes eliminate, my food cravings. She has been very inspiring. I always count on her for encouragement, especially when I’m going through a difficult time at work or in my personal life. Jeanine is a great asset to the Center!

-Dale McElveen

Seven years ago, my doctor told me my bone density numbers were getting worse. This was a frightening realization, especially because my mother had five hip replacements from osteoporosis. At that time, my doctor suggested weight training because walking and Zumba® classes were not enough. I met with Jeanine, and told her I was training specifically to keep those numbers from getting worse. Jeanine promised if I trained consistently, those numbers would not increase. I have been training with Jeanine for seven years. This is a testament to her professionalism, knowledge, and work ethic. During these seven years, I have struggled with back, knee, and neck issues. This past year, I was in physical therapy for plantar fasciitis. Throughout these issues, Jeanine tailored my training program to fit my needs. I no longer go for annual bone density tests. She has kept her promise. When people imply training is expensive, frivolous, and unnecessary, I tell them to meet with Jeanine. She works to help keep you strong and healthy, and she keeps her promises.

-Diane Parisi

I have trained with Jeanine for about four years, and still look forward to our sessions every time. She motivates me to do better. I love the boxing routine. We have a lot of fun. She is patient and sweet, and we became good friends. I feel lucky to have her as my trainer. I am stronger now, which was my goal. She is an excellent trainer. Jeanine is number one in my book.

-Elly Poline

I have been training with Jeanine for only a few sessions. Each session is an hour long. However, her wonderful personality makes it feel like the sessions are only five minutes long. I want to train with her for even longer! When I was in high school and middle school, I was made fun of during gym. I avoided going to a gym for a long time because I feared exercising in front of others. When I’m with Jeanine, I don’t feel any fear. I actually look forward to coming to the Center. Jeanine makes me feel so comfortable when I work out. I trust her to make sure I am okay with what I’m doing. Thanks to Jeanine, I can go to the Center on my own and feel happy doing my workout.

-Liz Myers

Before I started training with Jeanine, my body fat was 22% and my Basal Metabolic Rate was 1800. I was in good shape in college and into my 30s. However, too many years of sitting at a desk while working on a computer left me flabby and weak. After just six months of training with Jeanine, my body fat dropped to 15% and my Basal Metabolic Rate jumped to 2000. People began to remark that I looked “healthier” and “more fit.” My energy, strength, and endurance increased very noticeably. I give all the credit to Jeanine for guiding me with a training program that accomplishes my personal fitness goals. Because I am so pleased with the results, I still train with Jeanine six years later! Thank you, Jeanine!

-Robert Chilton

I first came to the Center two years ago. Jeannine became my personal trainer. My goal was to become fit enough to climb a mountain in Norway. I had attempted this previously and failed. After working with Jeannine, I reached my goal. I returned to Norway in the beginning of August 2015. I climbed the mountain I failed in my earlier attempt, and also climbed a second mountain in a different part of the country. Thanks, Jeannine. It was great!

-Janne Cruz

I have been training with Jeanine for over a year. I attempted training with other trainers, but never stuck with a program until I met Jeanine. She is a very positive, warm person who works with each client as an individual. She makes training fun and helps you achieve goals. She is patient. Jeanine always changes the routine to make training more interesting.

-Marsha Rosenbaum

I have been training with Jeanine since recuperating from lower back surgery several years ago. Jeanine used her expertise to develop a plan that supported me in my recovery. After a few months, I was strong enough to work on my overall fitness. Jeanine has such a caring, supportive way of encouraging me to go a little further each session. In addition to her skilled training sessions, Jeanine has introduced me to many other Center members, which makes me feel like part of the community. Thank you, Jeanine, for all you do.

-Mary Myers

I have been training with Jeanine for three years. I especially look forward to going to the Center on the days I have a session with her. She simultaneously makes my workouts fun and challenging. I particularly enjoy our boxing routines. My cholesterol level is finally in the normal range since I’ve been on a regular workout schedule with Jeanine. She is a very caring person, always with a smile. Over the past three years, Jeanine helped me get into much better physical shape– and I made a new friend!

-Fran Chorman

Three words describe Jeanine: professional, motivating, and awesome! I started working with her in May 2014. It has been an amazing experience filled with accomplishments. I dropped from 156 pounds to 129 pounds. My diabetes has improved. My trainer is an extraordinary person who truly cares about your well-being. She explains every exercise. She is strict but has great patience. I planned on having a trainer for two or three months. However, after working with Jeanine I cannot stop! She always has a smile. She motivates me and tends to my fitness goals at all times. She has experience with all types of clients. Her knowledge and skills make her a leader at the Center. I give her 10 stars!

-Ivonne M. Warden

Also, with all the “Hold the Stuffing” program has to offer, there’s even more in this time before the holidays! Went to one of the free group sessions in the “Stuffing” specials being offered to be sure we all don’t gain weight between now and the New Year. Jeanine offers one at 7 Tuesday mornings, and it’s fantastic! No really heavy stuff, no serious exercise, just good, plain, energetic fun with a small bunch of other very nice folks for half an hour. This program offers a lot, but this extra freebie during the holidays is a brilliant idea and a great bonus. If you’re thinking of joining, now’s the time to do it and take advantage of it!

-Muriel Smith

I often wondered why Jeanine kept saying it’s important to strengthen my core and practice good posture. Then, I went to Israel on vacation. I spent ten days walking up and down mountain sides, over cobblestones, on rough roads, and uneven surfaces. I realized I could do it all– and do it better than others 30 years younger than I am– because I do have a strong core, great balance, and strong legs. It never would have happened without Jeanine’s constant, precise, but always gentle and polite encouragement to do it all the right way!

-Muriel Smith

When my nephew was not available to help me, I was able to lift and carry several 40-pound bags of solar salt (one at a time) into and out of my car. I would not have been able to do this without my training at the Center with Jeanine. I also am able to manage a hand lawnmower on an inclined area of our lawn– something I had difficulty doing before training with Jeanine. Her emphasis on strengthening my “core” is paying off, especially since I have been doing more manual tasks around the house since my husband’s heart surgery. Thanks, Jeanine. You continue to improve my day-to-day life.

-Barbara Smith

I must emphasize how sensational Jeanine is! I started training with her after having a stroke three years ago. I continued with her after I had breast cancer and a highly successful cryoablation. And, I appreciated her even more after I was hospitalized for an imbalance issue. Recently, I went to Cuba on a story-writing mission. I was astounded by the high energy level of the Cubans and those with whom I traveled. The amount of walking I did and stairs I climbed demonstrated how truly fit I am, despite the approach of my eightieth birthday. I positively attribute it to Jeanine’s patient, persistent training, her gentle insistence I do each exercise correctly, and the “forced” rest periods she requires in each training session. Jeanine also does a terrific group class, which I highly recommend.

If the class is full, ask her to start another one. She will!

-M. Smith

I praise Jeanine a lot, but it seems each week there is something new and admirable that is praise-worthy. Now into the second week of the Dog Days of Summer program, which is an excellent motivator in itself, Jeanine seems as eager as I and other participants are to complete it in style. I think it’s the personal interest she takes in each one of her clients that makes her a standout! She keeps us motivated with her upbeat personality. Jeanine always finds something to praise, even on days when that might be a challenge.

-M. Smith

I came from cardiac rehabilitation at CentraState Medical to the Center in 2014. I was introduced to Jeanine. Immediately, I knew I had the right trainer for me. I was 15 pounds heavier then, and all my fitness numbers were way off. Jeanine put me on the right track. She is a positive person, a joy to be around. She knows your goals and is very instrumental in helping you reach them. I am grateful to have a trainer as dedicated as Jeanine. She always looks for the best in people. Regretfully, I will be absent from the Center for a short while to have hip-replacement surgery. However, I look forward to training with Jeanine upon my return. She inspires me to do my best. I have come a long way and I owe it all to her. Thank you, Jeanine.

-Richard Blunt, Jr

I was introduced to Jeanine through my dad, Richard Blunt, who trained with her for a year. When I expressed my desire to get healthy, he immediately put me in touch with her. Her support and constant dedication helped me become stronger at every appointment. When I began, I was not able to lift weights at all. I constantly doubted my ability to ever lift something heavier than five pounds. She changed that. Three months later, I have grown stronger and can lift six times more than when I began. Now, I’m off to college, but I won’t forget the techniques Jeanine taught me. I plan to use those techniques at my school’s gym. I can’t wait to return in the winter to train with her once again.

-Serena Anton

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