Howard Gallin

Howard GallinHoward earned Bachelor of Science degrees in corporate fitness, and health and physical education, from The College of New Jersey. He earned his personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is also a certified corrective exercise specialist from the latter. Howard is a certified teacher of the handicapped from Georgian Court University, a USA triathlon level-one coach from the United States of America Triathlon Federation, and a water safety instructor from the American Red Cross.

Howard has a vast amount of experience in the fitness industry. He performed high-intensity strength training with collegiate athletes, created and implemented fitness programs at corporate fitness facilities, and taught health and physical education (adapted physical education for those with special needs) in an academic environment. Howard enjoys working with people of all ages. He has helped members achieve weight loss goals, increase lean muscle mass, improve cardiovascular conditioning, and accomplish athletic achievements.

He especially loves helping members train for competitive fitness events. He is an accomplished athlete, with experience that includes ultra-marathons, Ironman triathlons, and sprint distance triathlons. Train with Howard on land or in the pool, where he also teaches a Masters Swim class.

Whether your goal is to achieve overall health and fitness or to compete in an athletic event of your dreams, Howard wants to help make it a reality

What Howard’s Clients Say:

I was very fortunate to participate in the new Cancer Wellness Program with Personal Trainer Howard Gallin. After going through a lengthy battle with cancer, Howard created a fitness program that helped me regain my strength and health. It was a true blessing. Howard challenged me just enough to help me get well, without soreness. I recommend the Program to any cancer patient looking to regain health after treatments.

-Bob Silverman

I joined Howard’s Triathlon Small Group class at age 60+ years with the hope to walk/run, bike, and swim. Howard’s enthusiasm keeps the sessions fun. He is patient as I progress at my own speed. The camaraderie of a small group helps me stay motivated. I have completed a sprint triathlon and a short-sprint triathlon, with the expectation of doing more in the future. Thank you, Howard!

-Linda Bruno

In May 2011, I started training with Howard to begin my triathlon journey. He helped me find the courage and strength to try my first triathlon in July 2011. After that, I was hooked. He formed a Small Group Training and Master Swim class in which I participated for many years. It joined a great group of athletes and friendships. During the off season, I trained with Howard about three times a week to help increase my strength and balance so I could continue reaching my goals. Because of Howard’s training and insight, I was able to cross off a Half Ironman and Full Ironman from my bucket list. Howard challenges me, but keeps the workouts fun. He is a huge part of my success story.

-Jennifer Sauickie

I have been training with Howard for about three years. I worked with a variety of trainers in the years prior. Howard is the best! Even when I feel down and unmotivated, he helps improve my mood. He inspires me. He always wears a big smile. Howard knows his stuff. He challenges me beyond my comfort range.Thanks, Howard!

-Irene Herbin

Master Swim class sounds intimidating, but Howard convinced me it was for all levels. He encouraged me to try it. With only a 30-minute swim lesson taken months prior, and years of swimming incorrectly with my head above water, I began Master Swim. I watched the other “real” swimmers, and assumed I would never be able to swim like them. Howard made me feel comfortable. He taught me how to swim in a way I could understand. Now, I can swim freestyle, turning my head side to side, which I thought was impossible. Howard also taught me the breast stroke and back stroke. I can swim over 1,000 yards. He was close to convincing me to participate in a triathlon, until I injured my knee. Howard is a true Master of Swim! He taught me an exercise/sport I will be able to do forever.

-Sharon Hadjimarkos

I starting training with Howard in his Triathlon Small Group class. I wanted to add something new to my workouts. Howard motivated me to sign up for my first triathlon. I was nervous, especially with the ocean swim. He made sure I knew exactly what to expect. We even practiced the transitions and swimming in a crowd. He got me prepared and confident. Unrelated, I injured my hamstring and was unable to train aside from swimming. I went to Master Swim class. Howard has been helping me improve each week. I am very fortunate to be able to work with him. He has had a positive effect on my training and life.

-Amy Aksman

Howard is truly a master swim instructor. He did an excellent job teaching me how to swim. Aside from showing me proper swim techniques, he helped me overcome my fear of drowning I developed as a child. Howard helped me learn how to breathe out under water. He also taught me floor and weightlifting exercises to increasing my strength for swimming. As an instructor, Howard was professional, patient, and caring. He broke down the swimming instruction into manageable pieces, which helped me learn and progress easily. As a cancer patient with shortness of breath and fatigue issues, I appreciated Howard’s sensitivity to my needs. He always encouraged me to do my best. As a result of his instruction, I am proud to say I learned the side stroke, fundamental back stroke, back stroke, breast stroke, and crawl. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Howard. I highly recommend him as an outstanding swim instructor and personal trainer.

-John Adamczak

Now in my 70s, I started working with Howard about 7 years ago. He is patient. He allows me to progress at my own pace while challenging me to improve. As a golfer, I find I hit the ball 40 to 50 yards further now. I don’t tire from activity. I highly recommend Howard to anyone who is advancing in years and needs to improve fitness.

-Marty Levine

I started training with Howard in January 2015. I was registered for two Half Ironman events over the summer. It was a pleasure working with Howard. He challenged me to improve without risking injury. Training for a Half Ironman is not just swim, bike, run. It’s core work, strengthening, and mental preparation. He covered all the bases. My new confidence in swimming is my biggest accomplishment. After several lessons with Howard, which included form adjustments and learning new swim strokes, I swim relaxed in rough, open water. I highly recommend him as a trainer, especially if you have any interest in swimming, cycling, or running. Thank you again, Howard!

-Glenn Kupsch

I always was scared in water until I met Howard. He was very patient and sweet. He proceeded slowly so I felt safe in the water. In the beginning, I would panic. However, he got in the pool with me, which helped a lot. He gave me confidence and explained every step of the way. Now, I can swim a little. I am practicing on my own, and will take more lessons to improve further. Maybe I will swim with my grandchildren to show you can learn to swim at any age. Thanks, Howard, you are a great instructor.

-Elly Poline

I started training with Howard over two years ago. With his help, I was able to place in the top of my age group in a few sprint triathlons. More importantly, Howard keeps me motivated to maintain a high fitness level. My cardiovascular age is measured each year during my physical. As I approach age 60, Howard’s training has helped me accomplish a cardio age of a 21 year-old! Many thanks for your help and patience!

-Paula Boss

Howard was recommended to me by one of the CentraState team members who learned I wanted to train for a triathlon. I worked with Howard for several months leading up to race season. I felt myself getting stronger and more confident, including with exercises I initially found difficult. Howard was able to help me strengthen weak areas to help prevent injury. I looked forward to our sessions. I appreciated the encouragement and positivity Howard shared at each workout. He helped me set higher, yet realistic goals, as I trained. Thank you for all the help, Howard!

-Michelle Tuchol

Howard was recommended to me by a colleague. I started training with him in February 2015 for swimming. Howard has helped me improve my breathing and stroke technique. I have completed one sprint triathlon, and plan to compete in three more before the season ends. I feel comfortable in open-water swims due to Howard’s teaching methods and expertise. I’m close to 60 years old and have run multiple road races, including 13 marathons. Howard has reassured me my goal of completing a half Iron Man in the near future is achievable. His patience and professionalism is commendable. Thank you, Howard.

-Mary O’Brien

I have been training with Howard for approximately six months. He is an excellent trainer. He is extremely focused and always professional. I used to feel intimidated when working out at a gym. I was accustomed to exercising in a home gym for many years. Howard made this transition easy for me. He helped me build upper-body strength, muscle, and confidence. I look forward to expanding my routine and being challenged even more. I appreciate his expertise.

-Ruthanna Dionne

When I joined the Center, Howard was assigned as my trainer. I mentioned wanting to learn how to swim better. He recommended the Master Swim classes. I told him I didn’t want to swim with “master swimmers.” He explained the class is not for master swimmers but for mastering swimming. I started attending. I couldn’t keep up with the others. However, with Howard’s guidance, I definitely improved. I began taking Small Group Training classes and could feel myself getting stronger. Then, I registered for a super sprint triathlon. At 66 years old, I was trying my first TRI. A few nights before the triathlon, someone said something negative about my run times. At our next training session, I told Howard I was quitting. Not happening with Howard. He reminded me how hard I trained, how prepared I was, and how it didn’t matter what anyone said. Thanks to his confidence, I completed the triathlon. Howard also ran. Several members from his training sessions ran this particular triathlon, so he decided to join us. Seeing him there reinforced my confidence. He continues to motivate me. I still take the Master Swim classes. Somehow Howard convinced me to join the Running Club, even though I hate running. I am very grateful to the counselor who assigned Howard as my trainer.

-Diane Kellerhals

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